Fashion Tigress Tip: Watch How To Make Hair Removal Wax At Home

Have you ever tried waxing? If you have, well done. As for me.....nah!!!!  I won't dare. I hear it is painful and I hate pain.

Even though it is for a few seconds, count me out. Beauty related nkor🤔. Nope, I'll pass😼

But it seems there is a solution now. Nigerian beauty blogger,Omabelle, has shown us how to make DIY hair removal wax. Best part, she revealed it isn't painful. Now I can try it on my own. If it goes well, I can try waxing my lady love....down below. I dread the though of anyone waxing there. 😼 .
I know I am weird.😊

Anyhoo,the things you need are.......

Ice Cubes or Aloe Vera
Lemon Juice
Saucepan and Fire

Watch the video after the jump to find out how to make it


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