Stylish Sisi Alert: We love Beyonce's "Ruby's Lost Stone" Bag and Calechie Gown


I am a Nigerian blogger who loveesss appreciates fashion, life and gist. The combination of  'these' gave birth to this blog. I started this blog a lil while back, but did not take it seriously until June 2017.

Woke up one morning, went straight to my laptop and started typing. I made up my mind that  I loved my baby after the second post that day and decided to roar and conquer like a 'Tigress' through Naija's blogsphere. By the way, have you discovered how competitive it is now? There are a zillion blogs right now. It is a good thing though."Competition breeds Excellence".....That is my motto going on forthπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

Anyhoo, I can comfortably say I started this blog 'officially' in June 2017 and I hope and pray for nothing but the best.

Now, back to the main 'tori',  I'm going to school my non Nigerian friends on the meaning of certain words you will see repeatedly on this blog😼😼😝

Sisi; Pronounced 'CC'.........A girl or woman who is fly
Bobo; Pronounced 'BorBor'........A boy or man who is fly and hip
Heavy Bah....Serious Money aka 'Rich Man's Money'

I was asked by someone how I get the price of the outfits featured here. Well it isn't hard neither is it easy . I have my 'ways' that means I have my connections  and yep they are estimates to guide you when you are ready to drop that 'heavy bah'😻😻😻
The price of items featured here are for 'Originals'...not knockoffs or Chinko.😝😝

Anyhoo, this is how I get the round figures...
  • I keep my ears to the ground
  • I have some peeps who are personal shoppers
  • Get my Info from relevant sources
I hope this would be a fun ride. If you have any question, hit me up in the comment section or through appropriate channels i.e social media et al.

P.S I am not "Miss Know it All". If you have suggestions, drop your comments in the comment section.