Toni Braxton Rocks $1million Nail Polish

Azature $1million Nail Laquer
R n B diva Toni Braxton who has been promoting her new singles with Babyface Edmunds, was spotted rocking the $1million nail polish recently. The nail polish is an  Azature White Diamond Nail Laquer. Incase you are wondering if it actually cost $1 million....yep! it does.
This is what Azature (pictured with Toni above) posted on his Facebook page.....

Introducing our new AZATURE white diamond infused nail lacquer containing 98 carats of luminous @AZATURE white diamonds , one black diamond and 1,400 individually hand-selected diamonds set in a platinum cap-bringing the phrase "dripping in diamonds" to a whole new level. With a price tag of $1,000,000 USD. All proceeds will go to a charity of choice by the celebrity who sales the bottle.

$1million for a bottle of nail polish? Well they can afford it.

Watch the video of Toni showing off the nail polish after the jump