Photos:Beauty Entrepreneur Reveals Kim Kardashian's ‘KKW’ Contour Kits Are Being Sold Ten Times the Original Amount

Kim Kardashian's sold out KKW contour sticks may be receiving some knocks here and there, but obviously, people would do anything to have it; even though it is being sold for over ten times the original amount of $48.

Yep!! You read right. According to Nigerian beauty entrepreneur, Nnena Okoye, Kim Kardashian's contour kits are being sold for £400 in a pharmacy in the Uk.

Nnnena revealed that when she asked why the  sharp increase in price, the staff she talked to was rude to her.

Well, I guess the fact that, despite the amount, the product is currently sold out in their store, is the reason for their shakara bluff.

Kim K is going to make big bucks this year from her makeup products. She actually has her contour powder which will be released a few days from now in the pipeline.