Video: Suggestions on High Quality, Affordable Makeup Brushes for Newbies

I have been on a hunt for brushes recently. Now note, I already have my set of beauty brushes that I have been using for years, but I need that almighty 'stippling' brush. I don't have a good one. 
The one I have is a disaster. Maybe I'll show you guys when I finally get my head around doing reviews for products and services.

Because of this stippling brush, I am thinking of buying some new brushes. Nothing major or expensive. Just something to 'assist' the ones I already have. But there is this keyword though, "affordable". 
Forget the story of Nigeria being out of recession. Until the price of garri, no sorry the price of my MAC lipstick, returns to N4000 ( and to think I was complaining about the price then), we are still in a recession guys (flips hair)😼😼. .......and yeah, let that price of garri go back to 'normal jor'!!

Dang!! This recession is doing us one kinnn really putting a dent in our wallets and now is not the time to go on any spending adventure and be spending anyhow.😸 "Money does not grow on trees you know." That last quote brought back nostalgic feelings. That was my mama's fave quote when I was little. Some times my dad would scold me with it too. But, I still had my way.......sometimes.😼😼😜

Ok, back to the brush hunt gist. I have been on a hunt for affordable but high quality brushes and this has led me to start reading reviews and watching Youtube videos on this. 
Now I have watched quite a few and the one that struck me is this one by Yewande of "She Loves the Finer Things"
I love that she kept it real and we have one thing in common.....I will not spend money anyhow on brushes. Money that I can use to buy high quality, makeup foundation, on a makeup brush? Lai lai!!! 😊
Especially when there is an alternative of relatively affordable, but, high quality brushes out there. 

Let's just say after I watched her video, I have made up my mind on the brush I'm going to buy. *whispers* I already had the brush on my mind. She helped me finally make up my "indecisive" mind on it.😜
Watch her insightful video below.......