Kim Kardashian Rocks a Rose Choker on the Cover of S MODA

The reality star and stylish sisi is on the cover of popular Spanish magazine, S MODA.

She is seen rocking platinum blonde hair, all black attire and a big, black, rose choker. Both the rose choker and the slip dress are from Saint Laurent's autumn/winter '17 collection.

The shoot was styled by styled by S Moda's Francesca Rinciari.

The rose choker trend is going to come back for sure because of this cover. I remember it was one of the in accessories back when I was in school. 

I rocked the breath out of it.......rose choker to class; rose choker to weddings; rose choker to church!!!........Rose choker everrryyywhere!!! *😜*

In related news, Kim Kardashian is set to launch her new fragrance tomorrow, 15/11/17.  This won't be her first rodeo down that road though, as she already has some perfumes under her belt.

 Another picture after the jump