Stylish Bobo Alert: DJ Khalead Rocks Dapper Dan x Gucci Track Suit

 The musician and motivational coach ( Yep, that is how I see him....with his quotes and all), is in the news for the right reasons.

He has been announced as the face of lifestyle brand, Weight Watchers, prompting their share price to reportedly increase by 8%.

This is what happens when the right brands work together. It happened for Rihanna too here.

The partnership has however started paying off for him as he is seen showing off a slimmer frame in these pictures; in a Dapper Dan x Gucci track suit.

Remember I revealed here that Gucci decided to work with the Harlem designer after years of being ostracized by the fashion community, I'm glad the partnership finally pulled through.

Authentic street wear fashion transcends time and age; as shown by Dj Khalead.