Kim Kardashian Sued for Plagiarizing Vibe Perfume

According to the Blast, Kim Kardashian is being sued for plagiarism by a marketing company, "Vibe".

The company claims they do not only share similarity in name, but also in  design. 

One of her perfumes, Vibe shares striking similarity with the company's logo. According to the company, they trademarked the logo in 2012 and are seeking unspecified amount in damages. and want all the remaining perfume bottles destroyed.

On the left is the company logo and on the right is the perfume bottle
This is not the first time she is involved in controversy over her the design of her perfume bottles.

Earlier this year, she was accused of copying the bottle of  Jean Paul Gaultier's classic, "Classique" no pun intended guys.🙂
She however responded by saying........
"Sculptures were my inspiration...I wanted mine to be really personal with my exact mould, but I've always loved the Jean Paul Gaultier bottles."

It is not all bad news for the reality star though. There are claims that she made Five million dollars ($5m) on the first day of release. Not bad.....Not bad at all.