Nigerian Designer, Fisayo Longe of KAI sues Boohoo for £30,000

Fisayo Longe
Nigerian born, fashion entrepreneur, and creative mind behind fashion brand "KAI", Fisayo Longe, called out fast fashion, brand, "BooHoo" over what she termed copyright infringement.

According to excerpts of what she posted on Instagram ,(which she has taken down citing legal reasons) she is demanding £30,000 from Boohoo.

"KAI has sent Boohoo a Cease & Desist Letter requiring that they stop selling products that unlawfully infringe our copyright. We have also demanded £30,000 in damages plus legal costs. They have until 22nd February to comply.⁣ In July 2019, after nearly three years, I decided to design very unique prints to differentiate Kai and build a stronger brand identity. I collaborated with @grapespatternbank and that was how the print, now known as Gaia, came to life. ⁣

@boohoo has since launched its own Gaia rip-off. ⁣Led by Mahmud Kamani, a billionaire, the Boohoo group owns Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and others. As many have complained, they often appropriate designs from small independent brands.⁣

Boohoo has gone as far as to copy our print almost identically. That is unacceptable. Seeing how much Gaia was being imitated, I obtained design registration in the UK and EU, with US copyright pending. They will not profit illegally off, of our intellectual property and most certainly not with a print that we have legally protected.⁣"


This is not the first time African designers have accused their foreign/ established counterparts of  intellectual theft.

Unlike the others(?), Fisayo  protected her designs by registering them in certain jurisdictions. Smart move I must say.👍👍