TEMS Covers Dazed Magazine and Nigerians are Not Happy

The multiple award-winning musician and songwriter is the latest star to grace the cover of DAZED Magazine; their winter 2022 #TheBeautifulissue.
In the issue, she talks about various things including her hope that African women would be more desired.....
"What I’m trying to do,” she explains, “or what I hope that God does through me, is for the image of the African woman to be [changed] to something luxurious, or desired, or sought after. For the demand of the African woman to go up… Let us not be chasing foreign things, let us be something to be chased.”

Oh well!! Tems fulfilled her desire as we saw another vibe of TEMS.... the non-conservative TEMS.

 Nigerians were not happy with the photo shoot though. They had an opinion and they dra&ged her on Twitter to which she responded with this............

I particularly loved this photo shoot though. More pictures and watch the behind-the-scenes.