Stylish Sisi Alert: Idia Asien Holidays in Greece

The beautiful model and presenter is currently having the time of her life in Greece. She is seen flexing her modeling skills in these pics. The Edo State born beauty also talked about how she felt insecure about her nose and the need for self love............
I’ll admit the one thing I always wanted to change was my nose. I used to get so many horrible messages and people would tease me about how it looked. I always planned to become very rich and get a nose job so it could be more pointed…it all sounds so silly now, what’s wrong with having a nose that’s different?? So what if we don’t look like everyone else? I have to be happy with who I am, it’s the self love and the peace that changes your outlook on life; and it’s the gratitude that opens doors Cheers to self love#Gratitude#peace#Greece#Santorini#Greece2017#idiatravels#tvgirl#happiness


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