Fashion Tiger Alert: Drake Spotted Rocking Rihanna's Stance x Fenty Designed Socks

The rapper was spotted rocking socks designed by his ex, Rinanna. The socks which is part of  the  collaboration between the stunning singer and socks manufacturer, Stance, features a drawing of Rihanna on it. Fashion company, Fenty, which the singer has been working with, is also part of it.

According to the company, the socks line is .......
”Rihanna’s iconic Looks limited Edition Box Sets.”
If an ex is always about his past flame, to the point of wearing stuff that has her image on them, it means he is not over her.

In my opinion, if it isn't  business, these 2 should get back together already. No one keeps stanning for their ex if they are not still inlove with them.