Stylish Sisi Alert: Tboss is an Egyptian Queen in This Cleopatra Inspired Photo Shoot

The reality star revealed to her fans that she is usually drawn to the idea of reicarnation and sometimes she sees herself as the famed Egyptained Queen, Cleopatra ( I would have said "Helen of Troy....her beauty always left the men spell bound in the BBN house *😸).

Anyhoo, read what she wrote when she shared the pictures......

“Do you believe in Reincarnation? Well I do. I used to have a lot of déjà vécu- feeling of having “already lived through” something- that feeling of recollection even though in reality it never happened so maybe just maybe I have lived before. So I got online & started researching & stumbled on this page that asked me to put in my birth details & bla bla & it would calculate some bla bla for you & Voilà it said I was Queen Cleopatra in my former life. 🤣🤣Don’t worry make I follow una laugh cos it’s funny to me too BUT let’s think about it for a second- I am a Queen. And effortlessly too. This shoot was the perfect opportunity to live my fantasy & I’m so proud of the outcome. I loved every moment of it. Thank you so much guys”