Fashion Tigress Writes: Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is very successful because she adopted the Following Financial Strategies

We all know about Rihannna’s Fenty Beauty launch. As a matter of fact, even the ants on the earth felt the whole excitement over the hype of the makeup line, despite the fact that both the makeup and cosmetic market is already saturated. 

It is even more saturated right now, with celebrities not just collaborating with already established brands, some have taken the bold step of branching out on their own.
Now with all these, you’ll wonder how Rihanna did not just make people anticipate her product launch, she also made all other brands inconsequential at the time of the launch.  
Let me share with you some things I noticed….Other brands, including Nigerian makeup brands, will do well to borrow a leaf from her.

Have you seen the ad campaign? The brand did the first thing any good brand should do in advertising and brand promotion, which is connect with the target consumer.
 Unlike most makeup brands, the women used covered all spectrum; from light skin to very dark skinned beauties, they covered women of different ethnicity, making sure no one felt left behind .  This was the very first step, Fenty Beauty used to attract most consumers and (un)consciously won their trust and loyalty.
The average consumer felt, hey!! There is definitely going to be something for me, so lemme get my coins ready and snag it up real fast.

She sold something similar, in a unique way (It's all about packing)…..
Have you seen the packaging of the products? They look fresh and unique. Completely different from what is obtainable in the market.
In a sea of other brands, you can easily spot the Fenty Beauty brand. The makeup brushes are not left out….they look like no other makeup brush in the market.

She connected with the trend….
Nigerian brands especially, should take note. It is not just enough starting a makeup brand, you should be in touch with the latest trends.
She didn't play it safe by releasing a few products, since it's her first rodeo. No!!. She released products that are intune with current beauty trends.
Very few Nigerian brands (I'm almost tempted to say none, because I don't know of any, but I'll play it safe by saying few) have the hottest makeup product right now, "highlighters."
Her contour sticks, the highlighters… she tapped into the trend and took it a step further by releasing various shades. Have you seen the purple one, "Unicorn"?.
Don’t even get me started with the fun names. "Trophy wife"! Really?!!😉 

"The Rihanna Brand Equity" and her Star Power
We can’t rule out Rihanna’s star power. Rihanna is a brand that keeps giving and has grown over the years into a force with strong "brand equity".  Her brand has grown a fan base that is willing to pay, most times premium, for whatever she has to offer.
Whatever she touches turns to gold…..most times platinum and her solo debut , makeup line (she has worked with both Cover Girl and MAC in the past)  is no exception.
The influence of her star power on her "Fenty Beauty Line",  can not be underestimated, but if she is willing to grow her makeup line into one with staying power, this is however not as important as the fact that..................

...She listened and gave people what they wanted
This is the most crucial point she took into consideration. No matter how saturated a market is, there is always going to be a void that consumers will want filled. 
In the makeup industry it is the challenge of finding the right foundation shade for the woman of colour.
For years, most makeup brands, save for some high end few, have failed to cater to this  demographic properly.
Some women do not find their shades and those who did had issues with undertones. But Rihanna’s Fenty beauty addressed this issue when, they released 40 foundation shades.

The singer revealed her commitment to catering to this demographic when she replied a fan with the following comments on social media......
"You knoooowwww it!!!!! Gotta represent for my girls and we come in all shades! Especially my brown sisters... been left out too many times in the makeup world."

This on it's own is a big deal. No makeup line has released such diverse, foundation shades at a go before.
 While there is definitely going to be room for improvement, this singular step however, has scored her brand major points. And she has shown she is not going to be a flash in pan in the beauty world. 

The singer is sure going to do very well with her latest brand, as she is obviously not going to make this venture a flash in the pan.Like I reported here, she is set to launch a new line, her Fenty Beauty"Holiday Galaxy Collection" in October this year; just one month after the launch of her "Fenty Makeup Brand."

By the way, if you have ever wondered what Fenty is actually her Surname. Her government name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.