Stylish Sisi Alert: Beyonce Spotted With Cari B in Gucci “Dapper Dan” Inspired Jacket……Read About the Man Behind It

Hello!! Beyonce said hi to Cari B and the Internet had a melt down😻😻. 

I guess her acknowledging Cari B at the “Made in America” festival has confirmed something;  if she gets the right team behind her, Cari would be the next big thing in rap…….like really big. I love Cari’s energy. It is infectious.

That gist aside, the other thing that made news when these pics surfaced online is the Gucci Jacket Beyonce wore.
The jacket has lil gist behind it. It is a Gucci creation… that was heavily inspired by the creation of a black designer who made hip hop, street wear cool in the 80s and 90s . His designs were the cool thing then and were worn by hip hop heavy weights of the time, His clients included LL Cool J, KRS One and others.

Meet Daniel Day aka Dapper Dan. He would make stylish, street wear clothes using logo from brands like Louis Vuitton. There was slack though…….he did it without their permission.

He was at loggerheads with some of these big brands till he was forced to close his boutique in the 90s after series of suits and counter suits.

Even though he did not run his business legally, you can’t down play his influence on fashion and hip hop culture.

It is no surprise that years after the close of his business, a big fashion brand like Gucci is being influenced by his designs . The jacket which debuted at their cruise collection runway show has caused the brand to reach out to the designer. Possibly for a collaboration? Time would tell.

Meanwhile, Mr Day revealed in an interview with New York Post that he visited Nigeria when he was chosen along with other students at Colombia University, when they toured Africa from 1968 to 1974. He also revealed that he was influenced by Nigerian art when he visited Not surprised.The image in the drawing on the wall in Ms. Dixon's picture, is Nigerian art …….

“It changed my life,” Mr. Day said. “All of the artwork on the walls” — he gestured toward the paintings in his living room — “I brought those back with me from Nigeria. I also brought some suits over there. The tailors in Africa were making their version of a westernized, American suit.”