Trend Alert: Stylish Sisis Are Rocking the “Nape Neck, Short Relaxed Hair” (Photos)

While team natural hair is still going strong among stylish Nigerian sisis,  (the trend had people who had previously relaxed their hair chop it all off to grow out their natural, African hair) there is a new trend rising at the moment.

Say hello to “nape neck, short relaxed hair”.

Beauties and fashionistas in Nigeria are starting what I have noticed would be the next trend  among Naija fashionistas. It isn’t your typical “low cut”. The hair is cut short…..short enough to fall on the nape of the neck.

The first person I noticed rocking this trend is natural beauty and Vlogger, Lola OJ.  She initially had her low cut ‘short, short cut’ going on. She styled it in different ways. Cutting it to style on various occasions till I noticed she isn’t cutting it anymore.

Instead, she let it grow out and is trimming it, only allowing it fall on the nape of her neck.
Never one to bore you with her looks, Lola has made hers fun. Sometimes she goes on a “wavy level” *😸* other times she dyes her hair with different colours. She is currently spotting a green hue, which I love.

 The next person I noticed rocking the trend is beautiful Vlogger, Dimma Umeh. She showed off her freshly cut hair  a few weeks back in one of her Vlogs.

Her version isn’t the typical all back, equal cut look; it has more volume on top than at the back. She is giving us the unconventional “Anita Baker cut” vibe; a look that was in vogue in the 90s and she has been rocking it since then, allowing her natural beauty shine through.

Fashion forward OAP, Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun seems to be making a statement with hers. She got married recently here and had been on vacation for a while with her hubby, touring the world. The beauty who has since returned to Nigeria came back with a slight change, her nape, neck long hair.
You know what they say when a woman cuts her hair. Maybe she is sending a message…she has shed an old phase and is now embracing a new phase in her life.

Omosalewa of makeup and fashion blog, The Makeup Tales, rocks the hair to perfection. *whispering* Between the hair, the makeup or the background for this pic, I don't know which has the Tigress roaring approval. 

And oh!! the highlight is popping real good.