Pictures: It is All About the Edo Traditional Bride and the Okuku

Who does not like the Benin, traditional head piece called the Okuku? 
You!......You!!? Nahhh!!!
 Everyone likes the Okuku. It is one of the most beautiful headpieces you'll ever see and it is worn by Benin, traditional brides. It depicts class and royalty.

It is made from either red or orange beads. If you have heavy bah, you can add gold beads and links to it.

Brides that are of royal heritage and pedigree, usually add gold/bronze combs to their headpiece. They also have strands of beads cascade down from the side of the Okuku.

It is usually styled and sewn on a wig, which is worn by the bride on her wedding day. She does not wear the head gear alone, as she wears it along with either neck beads called Ivie-uru traditionally or a beaded cape called ewu-ivie.

She is always adorned with hand beads called ivie-ebo and beaded earrings called ehor-ivie.

Check out pictures of beatiful Edo brides rocking the "Okuku" on their wedding day.

Photo Credits: BeautyCliniq, BeautyMatterz and Ansamah