Tigress Trend Alert: British Fashion Brand is Making Handbags From "Ghana Must Go" Bags

We all know about that bag called "Ghana Must Go". Apart from Jollof rice and the ability to speak Pidgin English,  it is one of the things that would test your "Nigerian-ess" *I know there is no word like that...just flow will you* 😁.

If you don't know at least 2 of the above mentioned, you ain't Nigerian.

Anyhoo, I was doing my rounds, trying to snag some things when I noticed these bags.

They are made by British company, "Skinnydip" and they retail for around £14.00 and above.

But come oh!!! £14.00 keh!!!! and to think this bag is around N700 down in Naija (which is roughly less that $2). The bags are not even big sef. What is the difference between the 2nd bag and the Ghana must go Iya Meji sells down the road? At least her own is bigger and can pack load 😊.

They even wrote "Fish Cray" on it sef!!!.

This is another example of Oyinbo fashion western fashion, packaging what is culturally ours and selling it back to us at an exorbitant rate.

They would have at least made the phrase on this bag more apt and Nigerian with the words; 
 "That Cray Fish Bend Because of Condition" aka "Nah Condition Make Cray Fish Bend"!! *in Chigurls' voice*
Oh well!! *shrugs shoulder*.

Photo Credit.......ASOS