#AMVCA2022: Unconventionally Artistic Outfits We Loved

Simi Drey
I mean no disrespect, when I say I had never heard about the name Simi Drey until I saw her AMVCA look and I had to go find out the person behind the mask. That is what happens when your outfit isn't the norm.

Her outfit however was similar to Kim Kardashian's 2021 MET gala outfit.

I personally loved Etim Effiong's look. It wasn't regular. It wasn't boring or over the top either.  Styling was done by Swanky Jerry.

By the way, I feel Etime Effiong is one of the most talented actors we have around right now. The first time I ever saw him on screen was in defunct web series, "Gidi-Up". I'm writing defunct because I have begged Ndani, I have harassed them online after season 2 ended and it has been nothing but promises and then crickets. *shrugs shoulders* 
I only hope they start giving him roles that will push the envelope when it comes to his creativity. He is one of my favorite actors right now.

Timini Egbuson

Timini is one actor who has stepped out of his sister, Dakore's shadow and is confidently charting his own path. His confidence has also translated into his fashion. He was seen pushing the envelope when it came to his look at this year's AMVCA. 

The look is quite tricky with everything going on, he however stuck to keeping the drama up and left his trousers plain. One false move and this look would have been tacky. 
Styling was also done by Swanky Jerry.

Idia Aisien
Dress did the talking. Accessories did not try to steal the spotlight. Her hair was packed into a high ponytail, away from the face.  Idia Aisien, rocked her Ceolumineeofficial outfit perfectly. Straight to the point. No unnecessary wahala. Styling was also done by Swanky Jerry.

The outright REBELS 😉😊

Pretty Mike

Nightlife king, Pretty Mike is one rebel, in his lane, who also loves the attention. Never shy to stir up conversations, he however did all the talking with his outfit last night. The outfit which has drawings of the famous Lagos Molue was inspired by Alicia Keys' MET GALA outfit of this year. I love the fact that this was an inspiration and not an outright ripoff. Read More on this outfit which was designed by Toyin Lawani here. 

James Brown

Most Nigerians watched and loved Bridgeton. James Brown has been in the UK for sometime. It's safe to say he is a fan and decided to channel his love in this outfit. Not one to ever conform to anyone's standard, he has been in his lane, dancing to the beat of his drum and decided to do it boldly again in this eye catching outfit. It was also designed by Toyin Lawani.


When you wear different faces on your dress. When you wake up with a different face each day and channel the feeling to your outfit. This dress will definitely stop everyone in their tracks for sure. It was also designed by Toyin Lawani.

Toyin Lawani

You can't style others in conversation starting outfits and you don't leave tongues wagging yourself. Sometimes, when it comes to you and yours, you have to take the "bull by the horns"... literally. 😀

Toyin Lawani is not just a designer and stylist, she is also very expressive and artistic in her creations. Immediately she climbed the stage to present the award last night, everyone in the living room had something to say. I....... well let's just say I wasn't shocked. She is an artiste.

Most of her designs exemplify my quote; "fashion is art. It should spark conversations." And hers sure did last night.